Bucks County continues to grow in professional resources for early childhood educators. Probably our most outstanding resources are the people committed to improving quality early care and education and professional development opportunities in Bucks County and in our region. BCAEYC is actively involved both in providing resources for professional development for its members and for the broader community.  Leaders are also active in professional development efforts in Bucks County, Southeast Pennsylvania, and in the state.


PDR/CBK:  Do you have a Professional Development Record?  Are you familiar with Pennsylvania's Core Body of Knowledge? The CBK identifies the knowledge and skills practitioners should have to enable them to meet the needs of children in child care programs.  The PDR is a tool that providers can use to track their professional development. To learn more or to download copies of these documents, visit the PA Key website at www.pakeys.org.  BCAEYC has sponsored regional trainings for trainers and for directors to learn more about these tools to improve quality early care and education.

Keystone Stars:  Professional development is a key ingredient in this DHS quality program for early care and education.  Keystone Stars is a voluntary program that establishes levels of performance standards and provides technical and financial assistance to help child care programs meet these new standards.

e -news from NAEYC:  To receive the new monthly e-mail newsletter to keep you informed about  important issues in early childhood education, add your e-mail address to your member profile on the NAEYC web site .

PQAS:  Pennsylvania's Trainer Quality Assurance System establishes the mechanisms to ensure quality in the training and technical assistance offered to child care professionals.  To learn more, visit www.pakeys.org or call the Northeast Regional Key at 1-800-528-7222 or (610) 437-6000.

Early Learning Standards: Statements that describe expectations for the learning and development of young children in key areas. Visit www.pde.state.pa.us or call (717) 787-7489.







Bucks County Community College: 215-968-8409

Bucks County Community College or call 215-968-8072






BCAEYC Calendar of Events

PA Key (www.pakeys.org) or call the Northeast Regional Key at 1-800-528-7222 or (610) 437-6000

Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children (DVAEYC)  or call 215-963-0094

Quality Child Care Coalition 1-800-770-4822 ext. 2952

Montgomery Early Learning Centers (School Age & SEPA Key Service Delivery Area for Bucks County) 1-610-617-4550

Northeast Regional Key 1-800-528-7222 or (610) 437-6000;  

Penn State Cooperative Extension - Bucks 215-345-3283



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Also log on to QCCCBUCKS.ORG to learn about the Bucks County Quality Child Care Coalition and the Strategic Plan for Bucks County

For further inquiries contact Pat Miiller at pmiiller@earthlink.net

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